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How To Choose Your iPhone Sports Case Model

Posted by Lisa Allman on 9/19/2019 to News

Which model do you choose?

Help is here!

We offer a few different choices in our iPhone sports cases, and nonsports too!  This article will explain each type so that you can make an informed decision.

Plastic - Black or White

Plastic is a great choice if you're looking for something slim, sleek, and fashionable.  It's snug-fitting but allows full access to all your ports and buttons.  This style case is lightweight and stylish.

Rubber - Black or White

Rubber is a little beefier of a case but not so much so that it's unflattering.  It too is snug-fitting.  The power button and charger ports are cut out for easy access.  The volume buttons are covered but are molded to fit precisely.  I use a black rubber case myself!

Tough Cases - Black or White

Our tough cases offer the most protection for your iPhone.  It's snug-fitting and offers a black rubber lining with a hard plastic outer shell.  The power and charger ports are cut out and the volume buttons are covered but molded just like our rubber cases.

Front Protection?

Our cases offer a slight lip on the front.  The screen itself is not covered.  If you were to lay the iPhone face down, it would rest on the front lip of the case and not the screen itself.

Model Sizes

This is often the most confusing.  iPhones have many sizes available and often it's confusing to know which you have.  You can check with your carrier.  I, for example, use Verizon.  When I log into my account and view my devices, I can see what my model iPhone is.  Because each iPhone model is slightly varied, there are only a few instances where other models fit.  Let's review them below:
  • iPhone 6s/6 model - this fits both the older iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s versions
  • iPhone 6 PLUS (6+) - this fits both the iPhone 6 PLUS and the iPhone 6s PLUS versions
  • iPhone 7/8 - this fits both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 versions
  • iPhone 7 PLUS/8 PLUS - this fits both the iPhone 7 PLUS (7+) and the iPhone 8 PLUS (8+) versions
  • iPhone XS/X - this fits both the iPhone XS and the iPhone X version
  • iPhone XS Max - this only fits only the iPhone XS Max version
  • iPhone XR - this only fits the iPhone XR version 


Currently, the Legacy models are offered in white or black plastic, white or black rubber, and white or black tough cases.  The X Series models are a little different.  XS/X models are available in white or black plastic and white or black rubber.  The XS Max and the XR models are currently only available in black rubber.  No tough cases are available at this time for any of the X Series models.  We're hoping that changes soon!

I'm hoping this article has answered all your questions about our phone case models and styles.  If you need additional help, please just ask.

Even Older Models?

I have a very limited supply of iPhone 4/4s phone cases and iPhone 5C cases.  If you need these, please just ask!

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