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Did You Know? Labrador Retrievers Do More Than Retrieve

Posted by Lisa Allman on 9/20/2019 to Nonsports

Did You Know?  Labrador Retrievers Do More Than Retrieve

The labrador retriever or lab is a large breed of retriever-gun dog.  Gun dogs, also known as bird dogs, are types of hunting dogs explicitly developed to assign hunters in finding and retrieving game - usually birds.  They are prized hunting and sporting dogs.

This breed is one of the most popular dog breeds in North American, including the United States and Canada.  

The Labrador is also a favorite breed in many countries to train and use for disability assistance.  They are frequently trained to aid those with disabilities such as autism and blindness.   They are also an excellent breed for law enforcement work performing screens and detections.

Labrador Retrievers have changed colors throughout the years.  In the mid-20th century, they were a shad of 'yellow' that was much more closer to butterscotch.  This color was often referred to as golden but was required to be dropped because the UK Kennel Club didn't recognize that as an official color.  Other darker colors include brown, liver, and chocolate.  Some variations of silver and black also exist.

Labradors are medium-large.  Males typically weigh 65-80 pounds and females slightly less at 55-70 pounds.

Retrievers shed their hair twice annually (or more often in temperate climates).   Their hair is dense, straight, and short.  The lab's tail is broad and robust.  Labs are excellent swimmers because they have webbed toes.  This also can serve as a 'snowshoe' in colder climates.

The AKC, American Kennel Club, touts the lab's temperament as one of pleasant, kind, and outgoing.  They have an excellent sense of smell.  The breed has a reputation of being very even-tempered, and therefore it makes an excellent family dog good with children of all ages and other animals.

Interestingly puppies of all colors can potentially occur in the same litter.    Lab puppies tend to be chewers but can be trained to abandon that inclination.

Labradors are curious and like to explore.  They love company, both human and animal.  They are highly intelligent and capable of intense focus.  

The steady focus of the Labrador makes it an ideal breed for search and rescue, therapy work, and detection.  

138 dog breeds were tested by Stanley Coren's The Intelligence of Dogs and are ranked number 7.

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