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Did You Know? Cats Are Cool!

Posted by Lisa Allman on 9/20/2019 to Nonsports

Did You Know?  Cats Are Cool!

The cat (Felis Catus) is a small carnivorous mammal.  It is the only domesticated species from the Felidae family and is often called the domestic cat. 

Currently, 60 cat breeds are recognized by various cat registries.

Cats have a strong, flexible body, rapid reflexes, sharp teeth, and retractable claws.  Cats hear sounds too faint for humans, and they can see in the dark better also.  Cats have a better sense of smell than humans, but they are thought to be color blind.

Cats usually hunt in solitary, but they are social creatures.   A group of cats is called a clowder or a glaring. 

The average lifespan of domesticated cats has been on the rise.  In 2018, the average life span had increased to 15.1 years.  Some cats have been documented to live into their 30s, with the oldest known cat, named Creme Puff, passing at the age of 38.

Domesticated cats, particularly kittens, love to play but in fact, it's educational.  Their play simulates hunting.  Through play, a kitten will learn to stalk and capture its prey.  Through this process, the kitten practices much-needed skills and reduces their fear associated with launching attacks on other animals.

According to a 2017 survey, the domestic cat was named the second-most popular pet by number of pets owned in the United States second only to freshwater fish.  The total number of cats owned was estimated to be over 95 million.  

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